Make Blog Part

Make Blog Part
11 /21 2010

Make Blog Parts
Let's make a blog part for clap ranking. This blog part shows how much clapping you have been receiving as a ranking.

<Blog URL> Blog URL where you set up the blog part.
<Blog part color> Choose between blue or pink, or you can customize it. If you choose 'Customize,' you can customize it as you like. Click on 'About CSS' and set a CSS in the CSS of a blog template.
<Ranking Style> Choose how you want ranking to be totalized.
<Width of a blog part> Specify the width.
<Number of display> Set the number of pages shown as ranking. The maximum number you can set is 20.

*The ranking results reflect the number of clicks for the FC2 Clap. The number of clicks for the FC2 Blog clap isn't included here.

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