Set up FC2 Clap!

Set up FC2 Clap!
11 /21 2010

Set up FC2 Clap!
Here are the necessary steps to set up FC2 Clap and a Thanks page.
Please refer to the manual for each menu on the user management page.

1. How to set up FC2 Clap
First, you need to acquire a 'clap tag' to set up a clap button on your own site such as a blog. In order to acquire a clap tag, go to 'Clap Tag/Blog Parts' (from the Clap Service) and then 'Make a site clap tag' or 'Make a blog clap tag.'

*Use 'Make a site clap tag' to set up a tag for a homepage or blog sidebar
*Use 'Make a blog clap tag' for setting up one in a blog entry.

Finally paste the tag you made onto your own site or blog. This is how you set up a clap button.

2. Set up a Thanks page
When someone sends you a clap, maybe you want to show your Thanks to them. FC2 Clap makes it possible for you to show a thank-you message/image after receiving clapping. You can edit messages and images in accordance with your site's style.

Make a thanks page
It's easy to make a 'Thanks Page'.
Go to 'Control Thanks Page' and then 'PC Thanks Page Setting.'


PC Thanks Page Setting
Make a Thanks page for a PC here.
*You can make several Thanks pages if you like. Go to 'Clap Setting' and set clap sending restrictions to 'Yes', then claps will be shown in order when someone sends a series of clapping. Change the display mode for a series of clapping if you like.

Set up a thanks page
After creating a Thanks page, you need to set it up on a clap page. In order to set it up, go to 'Control FC2 Clap' and then 'Clap Page List.'


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