Clap Settings

Clap Setting
11 /21 2010

Clap Settings
Change the following settings;
-number of claps

Clap Setting
<Showing number of claps> Choose 'Yes' if you would like to show how much clapping you have received.
<Clap sending restriction> Choose 'Yes' if you accept a series of clapping. This setting is available only if a thanks page is set up.
<Clap ranking> Join the clap ranking or not?
<Time zone> Setting for Clap time zone.

Comment Setting
<Comment acceptance> Accept comments or not?
<Showing setting> Want to show posted comments? Choose between 'show' or 'private.' If you choose 'private', none of the commets will be shown and you cannot post thanks comments to them.
<Setting for comment space> Need a few lines for a comment space?
<Notification by e-mail> Want to be notified by e-mail when you receive a comment?
<E-mail address for notification> If you want to be notified when receiving a comment, register an e-mail address in the space provided.

Profile Setting
The profile will be shown on the 'User's Clap Page.'
<Title> Specify a title for a clap page.
<Description> Make free use of this space. For example, you can write something about your clap pages or profile.

Clap Settings


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