Comment List

Comment List
11 /21 2010

Comment List
Go to the comment list page to check comments posted by visitors and reply to them. 'FC2 Clap Comment list' shows comments posted to a clap page made by a tag issued on the FC2 Clap user management page. 'Blog Clap Comment List' shows comments posted to a clap page originally installed for the FC2 Blog. On this page you can send back your thanks too.

Content of Comment List
<Title> The title of the page which was sent a clap, and the date the comment was posted. Click on the title to see the clap page.
<Comment> The comment itself. Click on the link to see the comment detail page.
<Submitter> The name of person who submitted the comment. Submitters can choose whether or not to leave their name.
<Thanks> Click on the pencil icon and write your thanks to a visitor who posted a comment. After you write your thanks to the visitor, a thanks message will be shown.
<Deletion> Click on the X icon to delete a comment.

*You cannot write a thanks message to a private comment. A 'key' icon will be shown if a comment is private.

Simultaneous deletion of multiple comments
How to delete several comments at once.
There is a check box on the left side of each title. Put check marks for all the comments you would like to delete and click on the 'Delete all' button at the bottom of the page.

Comment List


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