Make a Thanks Page

Make a Thanks Page
11 /21 2010

Make a Thanks Page
Here are steps to make a thanks page. Please go to 'PC Thanks Page Setting' to make one.

How to make a thanks page
[Step 1] Make a thanks page folder.
You need to make a folder first before making a thanks page. Go to 'Make a thanks page,' enter a folder name and click on 'Make a page.' Then you will see a new folder in the thanks page list within the PC thanks page settings.

[Step 2] Make a thanks page.
You still need to actually make a Thanks page. This will display to people who press your clap buttons. See the 'thanks page list' and click on the icon in 'Make a page.' After a page is made, you will see details of the thanks page. Nothing will be shown until you make one. If you want to make some more pages, click on 'Add a page.'

Register several thanks pages
Several thanks pages can be saved in one thanks page folder. After you have done this, these thanks pages will be shown one by one when someone sends you a series of claps. Find the 'Display mode' within the 'PC thanks page setting' in order to change how these pages are shown to visitors. Please see 'Thanks page setting' for more details of the display mode.

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