How to use

How to Use
06 /01 2010

How to Use FC2 Clap
Q. What is unlimited sending?
A. With this function, you can send your claps to the same person as many times as you want.

Q. How can I place a clap button on my blog page?
A. Go to the management page and acquire a clap tag. Paste the tag to a template or a plugin on your blog.

Clap Tag

Q. I made a thanks page, but it is not shown even if I try clapping on my FC2 Blog page.
A. Are you sure you aren't using the Blog Clap function available in the FC2 Blog user management page? Thanks page are only available in FC2 Clap, not Blog Clap. In order to show a thanks page, use an FC2 Clap tag.

Q. I don't want to show how much clapping I received.
A. Go to the "Clap Settings" in 'Control FC2 Clap' and choose 'No' or specify a clap button image when you make a tag.

*For the FC2 Blog Clap, specify a button which has an image of hands with no number of clicks.

Clap Settings

Q. After I click on a clap button that I set up, I see a message saying 'Failed to make a clap page.'
A. You may have put it in the wrong place. The button you make in 'Make a blog clap tag' within the 'Clap tag/Blog part' must be placed according to the instructions given directly after making a tag. It shouldn't be placed in a blog entry editing page. In order to place a button in a blog entry editing page or blog plugin, use the one you made in 'Make a site clap tag' within 'Clap Tag / Blog Parts.'

Q. After I click on a clap button, I see a message saying 'Failed to clap. Clapping is not accepted.'
A. Please check the 'Blog Clap' within 'Communication' on the left side of your FC2 Blog user management page. Make sure that 'Blog clap reception' within 'Blog Clap setting' is set for 'Yes.'

*The 'Blog clap setting' within the 'Blog clap' of the FC2 Blog management page menu is reflected on the FC2 Clap also.

Q. I'd like to change the image after setting up a clap button.
A. Please change the 'Clap button image URL' in a current tag.

<a href=” name?url=URL of a page you want to place a clap button on&title=Page title”><img src=”URL of a clap button image” /></a>


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